June 16, 2017

OGO Electric Water Chiller OGO Model SS-40-C

OGO Electric Water Chiller OGO Model SS-40-C New high Efficiency positive start ORIGINAL Brand New Compressor/or condensing  unit .

  1. Ogo 40 Ltr Electric Water Chiller for 50 to 75 persons.
  2. Chill Cold water for drinking.
  3. High Quality Product.
  4. Front SS High Quality Sheet.
  5. Imported New Compressor
  6. Stainless Steel Tank & Front VCM imported sheet.

OGO Electric Water Chiller  and packed with quality features from top to bottom and specially designed to add years to the life of the cooler. The name OGO is know for providing the highest degree of satisfaction and craftsmanship.

Waterline brass copper material construction.

High efficiency stainless steel cooling tank & copper coil around storage tank insure maximum cooling efficiency.

Refrigerant R 1342

New high Efficiency positive start ORIGINAL Brand New Compressor/or condensing  unit .


OGO Electric Water Chiller are made to operate on 220/240 volts 50 Cycles single phase A.C supply .

OGO Electric Water Chiller GUARANTEED against  all manufacturing defects including compressor for the period of twelve months.

Highly durable cabinet made of heavy gauge mild steel and high impact silicate coating sheet with separate galvanized steel base.


To facilitate proper air circulation the cooler should not be installed in any enclosed or confined space. To ensure maximum efficiency the chiller should not be installed under the direct sunlight . automatic voltage stabilities should be used in low voltage areas.


For any cleaning of maintenance of chiller first switch off the electric power.

After removing back cover dust out the condenser by bowling air. This cleaning should be done at least twice a year or more frequently if loss in cooling occurs.

Keep the cabinet of the cooler dry to prevent any damage due to rust.

For better service and a longer services life keep the electric water cooler clean.

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